Conditions was a band that I had never heard of until their 2010 release Fluorescent Youth had already been released. I was browsing some music websites and I stumbled up a thread talking about the album, and when the phrase "They do Saosin better than Saosin does Saosin" I immediately got excited. Long story short, Fluorescent Youth became one of my surprise albums of 2010. Upon hearing that Conditions was writing a new album I once again was intrigued.

Conditions have never been a genre-defining band, but they are solid.  Full Of War is as good as I was expecting, but the band never really expands on than their previous work.  That is both good, and bad. First, the good.

Conditions continues where they left off with Fluorescent Youth. Blending melodic guitar riffs, and hard hitting rhythm to form a backbone for their often positive and anthemic lyrics.  No surprise that their songs are catchy, and even infectious. But, I think that is also where the problem lies.

We come back to the part where Conditions doesn't do anything new, we have heard this album before. While that's not the worst thing that could have happened, it still is underwhelming. To wrap up what Full Of War is - it's basically Fluorescent Youth 2.0.

If you are in the mood for some positive rock n' roll, then I recommend this album to get your fix. If Fluorescent Youth wasn't your thing, then this won't be either. Overall, Conditions is still the same band, and will continue to make nice music.

Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by: Tabor Brown


1. Walking Separate Ways
2. Skeleton
3. Open Eyes
4. Best Mistake
5. Love Elusive
6. Wonderful Lie
7. Every Day Is A New Life
8. The Descent of Man
9. What We Wait For
10. Long Division
11. Not Giving Up…Not Yet

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