Topshelf Records will be releasing a 200-page, full-color hard-cover book with photos from Hilary Corts and an accompanying 7" from Into It. Over It. this summer. More info can be found after the jump.

Here’s Topshelf co-founder Kevin Duquette on the origins of the project:

"If my memory serves me correctly, my first ever interaction with Evan Weiss was over a Twitter DM in 2010. Super professional. Since then, we've become really good friends (you eventually get used to the smell). So, it was with equal parts necessity, obligation and friendship when I decided to jump in the van in Fall of 2012, as Into It. Over It. — more commonly known as the tirelessly touring, outgoing, short-shorts sporting, beard-wielding acoustic guy that everyone loves to love — took to the road for the first time with a full backing band to Fest and back.

Along for the ride with the band and myself was Hilary Corts who diligently photographed the entire tour, capturing the great, hilarious, mundane and truly special along the way. The result is a 200-page full color, hard cover book featuring her photographs and an accompanying live 7” record to commemorate the tour which will be released June 25, 2013. The takes on this 7” sound great and breathe new life into songs Into It. Over It. fans are already well familiar with.
You'll soon be able to pick that up in our store but for now, Greenvans put together some footage from the tour — which made pit stops at both CMJ and The Fest — and you can view it directly below:

We’ll have more details including pre-order date, pressing info and track listing shortly.

Thanks, y'all!"

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