The 1975 may just be our favorite new band of the year and after much wait, anticipation and a removal of nearly all their EPs from US MP3 stores, the band will be releasing their massive 16-song debut, self-titled record on September 3rd. As a treat to hold us over, the band have just released a new video of vocalist Matt Healy playing a somber, intimate version of their current feel-good single, "Chocolate," which can be seen after the jump. The 1975 can currently be pre-ordered from the band's online store or iTunes, and additionally from Target as well, whose exclusive version will also include the band's Music for Cars EP as bonus tracks.

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Brooks Ginnan
Brooks Ginnan is the editor of Exiled Music Press. He is usually crying over the fact that we will never see a reunion of The Smiths or Cocteau Twins.

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