SXSW Hit-And-Run
Photo Credit: Stereogum
Following last week's tragic, alcohol-induced crash into a crowd in Austin, TX during SXSW is the news of a third resulting death, 27-year-old Sandy Le of Austin. She follows Jamie West, also a 27-year-old Austin native, and Steven Craenmehr, 35, a MassiveMusic employee from Amsterdam. According to Pitchfork, seven are still hospitalized as well.

The crash occurred when driver Rashad Owens, under the influence of alcohol, fled from police and sped through police barriers closing off Red River Street, a busy street during SXSW, into a crowd of people awaiting a showcase at The Mohawk. Owens has been charged with capital murder.

In wake of the tragedy, the Austin Community Foundation has set up a support fund for those affected by the crash. You can donate here.

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