"Oh darling, how can I lift these worries from my heart?" ponders Evelyn Jane Mason of Vancouver duo Evy Jane on their latest track, "Worry Heart," from the forthcoming Closer EP. The song is in a word hazy, drifting along as serenely as the clouds that blur the accompanying cover art, while maintaining a distinct sense of seduction with each groove of the bass. "Worry Heart" is just as much of a summer tune as any of the pop anthems that fill the current radio waves, yet in the manner of the sun setting after a long, humid day. That being said, get your best pair of headphones and listen to "Worry Heart" as soon as you can manage.

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Brooks Ginnan
Brooks Ginnan is the editor of Exiled Music Press. He is usually crying over the fact that we will never see a reunion of The Smiths or Cocteau Twins.

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