Today, we are very excited to bring you the music video for "Just Yet" from R&B/experimental pop artist PineSheets. With vocals buried beneath an array of reverb, slick beats and gooey synths, the music of PineSheets is very easy to get lost within. We recently spoke to the man behind the project, Joe Vita, about the video and his upcoming album, Grass Stains (cover art above). Our conversation can be found below.

Where did the idea for this album come from?

I kinda like to base projects or albums around what the weather is outside. The first one that I put out on April 3rd (20 Below) I recorded from January through early March, and that was like being stuck inside during shitty, bitter weather. So that’s where a lot of that (EP) came from. I kinda hate winter a lot but at the same time I like it. On this one, I wanted to explore more with my voice instead of covering it up with gloomy effects. I wanted this album to have more color.

How do the new songs compare to 20 Below?

They’re definitely more upbeat. My friend told me around a month ago when I played him a few new songs that my music sounds ironic. I thought that was funny because it’s true, as a lot of the time I’ll be singing something that may not necessarily be happy, but the instrumentation behind it might have a little bit of goofiness or softness to it that might not have a “sad” feeling. If you’re listening to what I’m saying, they’re not necessarily the happiest things ever. I really think the instrumentation and production are what changed a lot. I love a lot of R&B music and I really wanted to go for that very romantic sound, but with my own little twist. It might not sound like a straight up lovey, lovey song, but it is with my own flavor to it. 

How important is being honest and open in your lyrics?

I hate music that doesn’t have what the person is feeling or thinking about. If it’s not talking about anything that’s personal to them, then I don’t really care to listen to it. I’m not saying I only listen to serious music or anything, but if it doesn’t have anything meaningful to it, then I almost can’t appreciate it. Every song I write is pretty much fleshing everything out onto what I write on my phone or on paper. It’s definitely honest.

Who have been some of your biggest influences?

Music-wise, I’ve been listening to a shit ton of D’Angelo, some George Duke stuff, production-wise, and a whole lot of things. I even get influence from slacker rock and noise stuff. If your voice doesn’t sound that great at a certain part, it doesn’t really matter, you know what I mean? It can still sound good because if you’re talking about or singing about something that means something to you, then people will appreciate it. The people that don’t, who fucking cares? My friends and my girlfriend also have a huge influence on everything, just from the things that we do together and the places we go. 

Can you tell us about the song that the video is for? 

The song is called “Just Yet.” I reversed the bass and synth parts and a few little other things as far as the instrumentation on it. At first when I made it, I saved it and didn’t think I’d do anything with it, but then I reversed some of the sounds and that gave a completely different feel to it. That sparked what I was gonna write and definitely helped with the lyrics. It’s about being at my house with my girlfriend or somewhere with her, and her being tired and wanting to go home and me not wanting her to. In a weird way, the song has a dark feel to it, but not really. Kinda what I meant earlier by ironic.

What are your future plans for PineSheets?

Well, the new album is called Grass Stains and it will be out on August 10th. After I put that out, I plan on playing at different venues and sharing the music with other people in-person. I also want to experiment more outside of my synth and branch out to something a bit different. 

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